Sammlung: Elvine

Hailing from a city hardened by the most rainfall in Sweden, Elvine is best known for their well designed jackets.

They strive to produce clothes that transcend seasons, that are easy to wear and combine with the rest of your wardrobe, clothes with a good fit and clean cut, ornamented with innovative details that force others to take notice.

Their design process usually starts with a group discussion within the company, in order to find the framework for the collection and get a feeling about where we want to go with it. Then they travel to interesting places in order to get loads of impressions and inspiration.

Elvine is very conscious about the production process, thinking ahead in regards to which textiles to use, how it’s going to be produced and which details might be suitable for the different garments. Quality is really important to them and they regularly visit their factories to find out about new textiles and techniques, and to get a feel for the production process. Their aim is that you should notice and feel this wearing Elvine clothes.

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